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All books listed in this website, with the exception of, "What did you do in the war,
Poppa Rekka?" (refer separate ordering instructions below) are available from
Craigs Design & Print Ltd, PO Box 99, Invercargill

Please e-mail orders to: sales@craigprint.co.nz   Attention Rachel Philpot    ( www.craigprint.co.nz )
Alternatively 'Heartland High Flier' can also be ordered directly from the author at fbgavin@actrix.co.nz

The following prices are in New Zealand dollars and postage relates to New Zealand internal mailing only. If you are ordering from overseas please contact Rachel for your postage costs as these vary considerably depending on which country you are from.

Nelson story
The Story of Nelson Aviation:
Attractive Soft cover (Embossed title and flaps) NZ$74.90 + $6.50 postage/Collector's Hard cover (Limited edition) NZ$89.90 + $6.50 postage

HOKI TO HAAST - New Zealand's First Airline:
Attractive Soft cover (Embossed title) NZ$54.90 + $6.50 postage/Collector's Hard cover (Limited edition) NZ$69.90 + $6.50 postage


Turbulent Years: NZ$34.90 + $6.50 postage
When the Coast is Clear: NZ$34.90 + NZ$6.50 postage
Strait Across: NZ$34.90 + NZ$6.50 postage
Early Risers: NZ$34.90 + NZ$6.50 postage
Electra Flying: Soft Cover NZ$39.90 + $6.50 postage/Hard cover NZ$44.90 + NZ$6.50 postage
SPANZ: Soft Cover NZ$44.90 + NZ$6.50 postage/Hard cover NZ$54.90 + NZ$6.50 postage
Taking Off: Soft Cover NZ$59.90 + NZ$6.50 postage/Hard cover NZ$64.90 + NZ$6.50 postage

Kaimai Crash: NZ$29.90 + NZ$6.50 postage

LOST . . . without trace?: Soft Cover NZ$59.90 + NZ$6.50 postage/Hard cover NZ$69.90 + NZ$6.50 postage

NAC - The Illustrated History of New Zealand National Airways Corporation 1947 - 1978 : Hard cover NZ$79.90 + NZ$6.50 postage
Heartland High Flyer

Heartland High Flier - The Story of Air Central:
Soft cover NZ$39.90 + NZ$6.50 postage

daniell cover

What did you do in the war, Poppa Rekka?
This publication is now sold out.

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